In this episode I have special guest my friend Isuru Fernando joining with me to talk about Power Platform and SAP.

During this episode we walk through on one of the scenarios with SAP and we have used Power Apps and Power Automate from the Power Platform.

If you are coming from SAP background you might be wondering what is this Power Platform. Hope the below information will help you to find more on that.

There are four Main products in the Power Platform as shown below in the image.

  1. Power BI : This is the Business Analytics service of the platform
  2. Power Apps : Low code development environment for building custom applications
  3. Power Automate : This helps to automate business tasks and improve your productivity
  4. Power Virtual Agents : This enables to create 24/7 chatbots

Platform is really visual and easy to use with stunning no-code graphical interfaces.

And if you need more information you can find by following this link.

Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals

Integration Scenario diagram is shown below and in this example we use a Power App to fetch the exchange rate data from SAP and display the exchange rate and then use it to multiply with slide value.

Below is the Power Automate flow which we have used to fetch the exchange rate details from SAP.

You can find more details in below Video. Hope you will enjoy this.

And you can find Isuru’s blogs here. Thanks a lot for Isuru for joining with me for this episode.

Hope you will enjoy this episode and stay tuned for more to come. 

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