There are scenarios where you would require to do partial release to warehouse for sales lines. Release to warehouse screen covers this scenario if you have on hand qty available and reserved against the sales order.

But imagine if you do not have on hand quantity available in the warehouse and the demand is fulfilling from the Cross Dock marking done against Purchase Order or Transfer Order or a mix scenario with on hand with Purchase Order or Transfer Order. In this scenario we are not able to use the “Release to Warehouse” screen to do the partial release. You might be thinking about Sales Order “Release to Warehouse” function yes you can do this to release but this is for the whole/entire order and it can’t be done for the selected lines. So there is this feature gap at this moment and check for more details on below.

Let’s run through the below scenario to get more insights into this issue.

Cross Docking setups followed and in Cross Docking Template used “Demand Requirements” as “Marking” in this scenario.

Let’s look at this in action. Follow the below steps.

  1. Create a Sales Order

2. Perform Marking for the Sales line against a open Purchase Order.

3. Go to Release to Warehouse screen and try to add the line. (Warehouse Management > Release to Warehouse > Release to Warehouse > Add)

The below error will popup when you try to “Add” this line and it will not allow to release. The logic uses in this screen is not considering the cross docking scenario at this moment. This is really important feature to have if you are using the cross docking functionality.

Error : “Item ##### for order #### could not be released to warehouse because there is not available quantity left to release. Either the quantity is not physically reserved or the quantity has already been added for release.”

Therefore I have created idea in the portal If you like this idea please help to vote hope this will get add into the part of the D365 FinOps standard.

Thanks for reading this post and I will be back with another post soon.

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