How many times have you come across exchanging business cards during meetings. This is very common and still the practice that people use physical card to carry their business related contact details.

Previously If you receive this business card from a client then you would need to enter this manually to D365FO.

Now you can use Power Apps and AI Builder to capture the text of business card by scanning it. Then uses Power Automate to connect with D365FO and to update the contact record.

I have previously done posts on how you can use Power Automate flows with D365FO. If you would like to learn more you can find that in the link here.

If you take a look at AI Builder It enables your subject matter expert to start creating AI application with the organization data and you wouldn’t require to have a data scientist to do that. I have created three screen Canvas App and the screen shots are shown below.

This is the Landing page and this will help user to navigate to the customer accounts screen
In this screen user will search and select the customer account which they would like to update the contact details
This is the third screen where user can scan the business card and then edit the captured data if necessary and then proceed to save the record.

Once user saves the record the Power Automate will run and update the contact details. The flow related expression is shown in below image.

Scan business card edit and save to created contact record

Let’s have a look at the Power Automate which was used for this scenario. In the below flow details such as First Name, Last Name , Email, Company and Party ID is captured from the Power Apps.

Once the Power Automate

Power Automate which was used in this scenario is shown above

Use Initialize Variable for the values which are passing through Power Apps. Then use create record ad select ContactPersons entity.

Uses Contact Persons entity as shown here

Fill in all the related fields under the create record and then you can test this to check if your app is working and update the scanned contact details back to the D365FO.

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