This is continuation of the Inventory Statuses topic which I have discussed on last blog. Let’s have a look at how we can change the Inventory status from one type to another using “Warehouse Status Change” Screen.

Before we go into the “Warehouse Status Change” screen we can have a look at the current Inventory on hand for the warehouse “25”. There are 100 quantities in two different locations for the Item “A0001” and most importantly the Inventory Status is “Available“.

You can find “Warehouse Status Change” menu from Warehouse Management Module under Periodic Tasks.

  1. When you open the form you would see the below for the combination of Site “2” and Warehouse “25”.

Let’s imagine for some reason in the Warehouse for temporarily you want to change the status of the inventory as “Blocked” for all the “Available” status Items.

2. Select the desired status value (“Blocking”) in the “Change status to” and then click “Change status” function

3. Then there will be a message prompt as shown below and if you wish to proceed with the change Click “Yes”

4. You would notice that the Inventory Status has changed to “Blocking”

5. Check on the Inventory on hand screen now and you would notice that the Inventory status changed to “Blocking” for both locations for the Item “A0001”

Now we need to change the Status back to “Available” after completing the required process / fixing the issue which was there before.

6. Go to the “Warehouse Inventory Status” Change screen again.

7. Select the desired status value (“Available”) in the “Change status to” and then click “Details” function

8. Then it opens up this screen and let you select the records to change the status. Select the first line with location value “BULK-001” and click “OK” at the bottom of the screen.

9. Again similar to the earlier time it will prompt the message and then you can proceed to click “OK”

10. Now you would notice there are two Statuses available because there are Item “A001” in two locations and the location “BULK-001” is “Available” and the other location”FL-001″ is “Blocking”

Let’s have a check on the inventory and it proves and shows the same as we discussed earlier.

Hope this tip might help during your day to day D365 FinOps journey.

Will be back with another post soon …..

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