Inventory statuses can be used to categorize inventory. Inventory status is one of the storage dimensions which you can make use for inventory categorizations. In this blog let’s look at how do we receive the Purchase Order using two step method, then if we find any damage product how to change the Inventory status.

Let’s have look at the setup for the “Inventory Statuses” which we used in this scenario. There are three options Available, Damaged and Blocking. Out of which only Damaged and Blocking are enabled as “Inventory Blocking”.

In the Purchase Order line Inventory Status value is shown as “Available”

  1. Let’s receive the Purchase Order via Warehouse Mobile App “Purchase Receive” option.

2. Click OK to complete the work

Wok has generated as shown below.

3. Click the “Purchase Put-away” from Inbound Menu

4. Scan the Work ID/ Manually enter and click “OK” option

5. Click “OK” option

6. Click “Done” option

7. Click “OK” option

Let’s imagine the “A0001” quantity 1 which we received is damaged and now we need to update the inventory status using the Warehouse Mobile App. This update is one method of updating the inventory status and I will discuss what are the other options available in future blogs.

Have used the Mobile Device Menu “Inventory Status Change” and the work creation process used here is “Inventory Status Change”.

8. Go to the Warehouse App and go into Inventory section

9. Click “Inventory Status Change” option

10. Update the status for the respective license plate as “Damaged” and click “OK” option

Now let’s look at the license plate from the inventory and it is shown as Inventory status value as “Damaged”

Hope this tip might help during your day to day D365 FinOps journey.

Will be back with another post soon …..

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