If you are someone who uses Microsoft Teams regularly and would be searching for a way to access D365 FinOps from Microsoft Teams directly then the following steps might help you.

In the below example we will see how we can link “All Sales Orders” screen to be accessed from the “Sales Team”.

  1. Access D365 FinOps “All Sales Orders” screen. Copy the URL for the page https://xxxxxxxx.operations.dynamics.com/?cmp=usmf&mi=salestablelistpage

2. Go to the respective “Sales Team” group in Microsoft Teams and click “+”

3. filter for “Website” and select

4. Provide a Tab Name and add the URL copied earlier from D365 FinOps and click Save

5. “Create Sales Orders” Tab is added and the message is also can be seen under the channel

6. Enter User Name and Password and click sign in and proceed to sign in.

7. When “All Sales Order” screen is open you will see it as shown below.

Hope this tip might help during your day to day D365 FinOps journey.

Will be back with another post soon …..

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