I believe if you have used D365 FinOps you would have had experience in working with the currencies such as USD, AUD, NZD, SGD, LKR, INR and you would notice that all those currencies have got 2 decimals.

Are all the currencies have 2 decimals ? and the answer is it’s not and there are some currencies such as KRW, JPY, VUV, VND & some of the others which has got 0 decimals. (Also there are some currencies with 3 decimals too)

Which means for an example JPY currency wouldn’t have 19.99 it will be 20. So therefore, when you are setting up currencies you must be careful to check on the currency which you are working with.

So, the issue here is if you have setup 0 decimal currency the same way you deal with for an example USD then you will end up having decimals in the system and you will not be able to make any changes to the posted transactions. It will be bit tricky in converting the existing company to 0 decimals and this may end up having some errors or data mismatch. Therefore, get this setup correct at first time when you are setting up new company which has 0 decimal currencies.

I know now you are curious to find this setup in D365 Finance. To setup this in D365 Finance you should access General Ledger > Currencies form and select the respective currency. In this scenario it’s “JPY” and then set all the rounding rules as 1.00.

Let’s create a new Sales Order after this change and add in new Item “D0001” and enter quantity as “10” decimal unit price “599.12” and check the net amount “5991.00“. You would notice the above setup is affected now and there will not be any decimals in the Sales Order net amount.

Hope this tip might help during your day to day D365 FinOps journey.

Will be back with another post soon …..

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