In this blog post I will explain about the three methods which you have to access and execute the Warehousing application functions for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Method 1 : Install Dynamic 365 for Finance and Operations – Warehousing application in the RF Gun or mobile device

 You can either use mobile or RF gun and install the Warehousing Application in the respective device. If you are using the mobile device then the scanning will be carried using the camera as scanner.

From my experience in warehouses RF gun is the ideal since camera scanning function will be varied depending on which phone you are using and it’s called as a native function.

You can use RF Gun and Install the Warehousing Application
You can also use a mobile device and Install Warehousing application

Method 2 : Use Warehousing app from Microsoft Store

Download the application from Microsoft store “Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Warehousing” and then install the application and continue to setup the setting details and then you can start using the warehousing mobile functions.

Method 3 : Web Emulator

After the D365 Finance and Operations URL similar like shown below paste the value after “/” as ?mi=action:WHSWorkExecute&cmp=“COMPANY”

Make sure to replace the company value which you are working with for an example if the company is USMF it will look like below.


Example is shown below how the full URL looks like.“COMPANY”

Once you have used the correct URL and load the web page emulator login page will display like below.

Usually if you have system administrator role the you will be able to access the emulator like this method. Warehouse workers are suppose to use the warehouse application to complete the tasks this option is only for administrator testings.

Thanks for reading this blog post. This is a quick blog post about how you can utilize the warehousing mobile functions for the D365 SCM. Will meet you again with the next post.

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