It’s All About Hack4Good 😊

Hack4Good HACK4GOOD was an amazing event which brought world together on a weekend and all started to hack for good reasons. So many enthusiastic amazing people who loves Microsoft Business Applications (MBA’s) team up with passion to create solutions to help the world and lift it up. Building solutions which is to help the communities … Continue reading It’s All About Hack4Good 😊


How to expose custom fields on data entities – EP1

#QTMBA - EP1 There are some scenarios where you would require to add in new custom fields to track additional details in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This feature “Create New Field” was enabled from the platform update 13 and it was great feature addition to the system and it enables to add custom … Continue reading How to expose custom fields on data entities – EP1

Snap it and translate

SNAP-IT & TRANSLATE – PowerApps – Power Platform

Microsoft cognitive services gives rich Artificial Capabilities into the applications. These capabilities can be used with PowerApps when building Apps. Cognitive services can help to make your Apps Smarter. Artificial Intelligence and Data science go in hand in hand. Microsoft packaged in all capabilities and packages those together to create easy to consume API’s such … Continue reading SNAP-IT & TRANSLATE – PowerApps – Power Platform