Judson Althoff EVP, Chief Commercial Officer officially started the Microsoft Ignite and the below is the capture of that moment. Microsoft Ignite kicked off today few hours ago and it is up and running live now and there were some great announcements came through so far from the sessions. I will be going to cover some of the announcements that I was able to capture today for the benefit of the community.

Do more with less with Microsoft Cloud. This was the main mantra for the Ignite 2022. There are tons of capabilities which Microsoft Cloud brings and it helps to build modern applications at ease.

Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft highlighted during the opening session how Microsoft is helping customers do more with less across the Microsoft Cloud. Last year there were more discussion around digital transformation and this year it is about the Digital Imperative.

Digital imperative is categorized into 5 main areas.

Moving to the cloud is the best option to do more with less and that is where Azure cloud is the best cloud solution which supports all the organizations and workloads. Azure is the worlds computer.

Azure Arc extends the Azure platform and can build applications which can run in on-premise , edge or multi-cloud.

You can also use Azure Arc to run containerized applications with AKS on.

This SSD v2 offers most advanced general purpose disk storage for performance critical workloads.

Industry first cloud native fully managed storage area network service.

Azure is the only provider that supports most sensitive apps. Azure confidential computing can help to protect your data.

Preview is available for Azure Managed confidential consortium and this allows developers to build , deploy and manage highly sensitive multi party applications.

With the Microsoft intelligent data platform provide complete data fabric from the operations store to the analytics engines to the data governance. So that users can spent more time creating value. Microsoft is the only company which got complete data platform.

Azure Cosmos DB now for PostgreSQL.

2nd Imperative – Delivery efficiency with automation and AI

Microsoft already built the next generation super computers in Azure and been used by Microsoft and Meta. This has got largest most powerful AI Models.

Azure Machine learning offers rapidly build , train , operate large scale models.

Announced today that Azure Container for PyTorch.

State of the art AI Models. Microsoft AI now have Turing for rich language understanding , Z-code for 100 language translations and GPT for human-like language generation and many more.

Wide range of uses of OpenAI is highlighted by Sam Altman CEO of Open AI. Some of the announcements with Azure OpenAI service been announced at Ignite. OpenAI make sure these are safer and make AI system smarter and building more capabilities around it.

DALL.E for realistic image generation and Codex for advanced code generation.

Showed how Codex can be used to solve problems by using simulation and then checks if it solves the issue and found a slight bug and model correctly finds the issue and Codex independently solves the issue using advanced code generation and with auto correction capabilities.

Microsoft Designer looks so cool and you can create stunning designs very quickly.

Designer is your personal designer to create new content using images. Templates generate based on what you type and doesn’t need to create the template.

Applying conversational intelligence to Viva Sales to transcribe the calls. D365 also uses same capabilities to closed deals.

Third Imperative – Innovate with a cloud developer platform.

Highlight a code and ask what it does in plain text.

With express design in Power Apps you can upload hand drawn sketch and then create and working app using that in seconds.

Also you can describe what you want to do in natural language and then Power Fx will generate list of relevant Power Fx formulas to choose from.

Also now you can describe what you want in natural language and then cloud flow will be generate suggested flows in Power Automate.

AI Builder related feedback loop enhancements are coming in as new capabilities.

Microsoft Syntex helps to create content AI that will empower the people.

Fourth imperative – Re-energize your workforce with Microsoft 365

Teams Announcements are captured below.

Intelligent recap for Microsoft Teams meetings announced.

Microsoft Teams Premium is better when you need more confidential Internal only meetings.

Collaborative apps such as Teams brings business workflows and insights where users are.

SAP is building SAP Hana application in Teams.

Power platform and Teams announcements. Cisco is now a certified Microsoft Teams device partner.

Microsoft Teams immersive experience is extend to the metaverse.

Mesh avatars will be available as private preview.

This looks cool you can interact with your avatars in the teams meeting.

Check the below link on more updates on Microsoft Teams Avatars.

No need to leave the meeting and able to update the excel makes it amazing experience within teams.

Microsoft loop in Teams in action. So that everyone can edit in live all the components and then content dynamically updated and able to share in outlook.

Industrial Metaverse is one of the key focus areas during the Ignite 2022.

Hybrid and In-person work announcements are great too and today Microsoft announced the Microsoft places and this is new connected workplace solution which will be coming soon.

Microsoft places will be available next year as per the announcements today.

Microsoft Viva updates are shown below.

Viva helps all employees to excel and role specific needs. Realtime CRM data is bringing it with Viva sales.

Microsoft Edge related updates are mentioned below.

Windows enhanced to make it supporting hybrid work.

New windows 11 features are in Microsoft Defender for SmartScreen and smart app control.

Microsoft Security is the 5th digital imperative.

New updates on Microsoft Defender for cloud innovations.

Announced today on Microsoft Entra Identity governance which gives right people right access.

There are 100+ new updates coming through.

Fireside Chat with Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud + AI Group and Alysa Taylor, Corporate Vice President, Industry, Apps and Data Marketing on how Customers Build Agility and Drive Innovation with the Microsoft Cloud. This session provides some examples on how some businesses using to confront with inflation and using D365 lower the logistics cost to the customer. Energy crisis is a big deal and using digital twins and metaverse and how to reduce the costs. Reducing manual tasks by automating tasks by businesses.

Every industry facing different challenges and healthcare sector is having burnouts and technology is helping to address this issue and using D365 uses with the device to create electronic health record and reducing the manual data entry and provide insights and predictive analytics to reduce some tasks and giving the health care workers get more time to work on taking care the patients.

Industrial Metaverse

The Industrial Metaverse with Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Microsoft. There are three types of Metaverse such as consumer , commercial and industrial.

Commercial metaverse creates immersive communication and collaboration between people in a work environment and Microsoft Teams will play a huge part in this.

It is about the connecting digital to the physical world using digital twins and much more. Industrial metaverse is here already and you can design, build ,operate and optimize it. You can build better products with less carbon foot print and more sustainably. It helps to simulate processes, help building products with better user experience, reduce the carbon footprint and many more benefits from it.

Live demo was looking awesome how the assistant helps in running some simulations.

Some more great captures from the Metaverse session.

Power Automate Announcements

  1. Now you have the capability to describe what you want to automate in a sentence, and an AI-based copilot will build your flow in seconds. Read more using this link.

2. Format data by examples

3. Advancements in AI builder

4. Scale with the Automation Kit

Power BI announcements

1. Preview and interact with Power BI files directly from SharePoint and OneDrive

2. Cross-tenant sharing and B2B discoverability

3. Optimize ribbon in Power BI Desktop

4. Automated migration tool from AAS to Premium

Check more about these Power BI announcements using below link.

Ignite Book of news

Ignite Book of news access using below link


Leverage low-code to do more with less at Microsoft Ignite 2022

Check the updates in the blog using below link


More updates I will update to this blog as soon as get the updates from next upcoming Ignite sessions so stay tuned !

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